2018 Blockchain Technology Trends You Need to Watch Out For

blockchain technology trends

Blockchains are popping up in projects everywhere. With this knowledge in mind, you can’t afford to not know the latest trends. Staying informed means that you can be on the cutting edge of any new developments as they arise.

Here are a few of the biggest blockchain technology trends for 2018.

Higher Quality Entrepreneurs and Developers Will Turn To It

Token prices are rising and will keep doing so. With the higher prices, it will mean blockchain startups will be way more competitive.

With companies such as Amazon, Google, Apple, and Facebook working on tokens, it will reshape the landscape all over the world.

When high-quality entrepreneurs are using blockchains more, it will give you more of an edge as a serious entrepreneur, if you follow suit.

Not only is it gaining in popularity but it can also help with AI technology.

Blockchains and AI Tech

Blockchains have the potential to facilitate certain aspects of AI technology. In order for these machines to learn, they have to be given access to big data.

The exchange of big data isn’t exactly economically possible yet, but with the help of blockchains, this could change.

Blockchains can provide a secure environment in which big data owners can connect with AI developers.

This connection can allow smart devices to take advantage of the data available, which makes sentient life possible.

Blockchains Will Learn How to Enforce The Law

Smart contracts are great tools for automating business, however, what happens when there is a dispute?

Most disputes are handled in court, but they have no authority over blockchain networks.

Why? Blockchain networks typically have no central arbiter or enforcer and usually cross geographic borders.

It could be possible to vote across the network but that could lead to trouble if one company has a better legal claim, but the other in question is more popular.

It’s never been really clear how to enforce these rules, this is something that will most likely be addressed and dealt with in 2018.

Central Banks Will Embrace Blockchain Technology

With the rising of popularity, it isn’t surprising that the government might want to get involved.

Central banks who want to reduce friction and lowering costs for antiquated processes will most likely experiment with blockchain settlements.

Blockchain integrations with central banks are coming up and possibly coming up soon. This will be a key development in 2018.

Not only this, but you will also see a trend in foreign exchange markets and cross-border remittances. They will become more efficient and cheaper for you to use. This will eventually lead to a global cashless society.

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Blockchain Technology Trends

With blockchains rising in popularity, it is important to know the latest blockchain technology trends.

This tech is constantly evolving and changing, and it can be hard to keep up with but if you do, you will blossom as an entrepreneur.

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