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4 White Hat SEO Tips You Need to Use to Increase Your Rank
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4 White Hat SEO Tips You Need to Use to Increase Your Rank

Did you know that more than half of all website traffic is driven by organic search? If you want customers to find your site, the key is to optimize your content so it appears in their search results.

That said, it is important to be careful when you are working to employ SEO techniques. Some organizations that claim to help raise your websites rank use strategies that can actually hurt your ranking.

To learn how to improve your rankings the right way, check out these 5 important white hat SEO tips.

White vs Black Hat SEO: What’s the Difference?

Before we look at the tips, let’s step back and answer the question, “What is white hat SEO?” To understand what white hat SEO is, it is important to first understand black hat SEO.

Black hat SEO describes techniques that try to raise rankings by gaming the Google algorithm. By contrast, white hat SEO seeks to improve search engine rankings by appealing to the human audience first.

1. Mobile Optimization

While surfing the web on your phone was once just a convenient alternative to a computer, it’s since become the primary way that many people perform searches. In fact, studies show that nearly 60% of all searches are performed from a mobile device.

Because of this shift to mobile devices, search engine algorithms are now favoring sites that are optimized for mobile users. Optimizing your page to display correctly and load faster on mobile can help increase your ranking.

2. Quality Content

In general, search engines rank pages for search inquiry based on two criteria: the relevance of the content, and the quality of the content. Algorithms evaluate the quality of content based on factors like whether other pages link to it, traffic, social media shares, and more.

While black hat SEO techniques will try to increase rank by going after these specific metrics, white hat focuses instead on creating good content. When you create content that readers want to read, the other metrics will follow.

3. Research Keywords

Of course, no matter how good your content is, it won’t make a difference if it is not relevant to what users are searching for. Keep in mind that search engine algorithms can now detect synonyms and context, so it’s more important to incorporate terms into relevant, well-written posts than it is to simply stuff a post full of keywords.

4. Solicit Guest Posts

Having other high-quality sites link back to use will help boost your SEO ranking. One way to get links is to reach out to sites that are relevant to your clients and to request to write content for them.

These posts are called “guest posts.” By writing these, you can take advantage of the platform of another site to bring more traffic to you.

Learn More White Hat SEO Tips

Want to learn more about how white hat SEO tips can help improve your site’s rankings? Contact us today to learn how our services can help.

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