5 Smart Ways to Use Video in Email Marketing

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No other medium communicates quicker to a prospective audience than video.

Much like social media pages, consumers’ email accounts are inundated with content and messages and it can be hard to get their attention. Video content is an amazing way to grab your audience’s attention and stand out from the crowd.

Marketers who have begun using video in their email campaigns have reported increases in click-through rates, as well as sharing and forwarding of the e-mail.

If you’re not currently using video in your email marketing, it’s a strategy that you should definitely consider. Read on, and we’ll discuss five smart ways to deploy video in your email campaigns.

1. Send A Product Video

One of the big problems in e-commerce is that you can’t physically hold and use a potential product before purchasing. This leaves many consumers weary and more hesitant to drop down their credit card when shopping online.

A study has shown that products that are displayed to the audience through quick and helpful product videos have a much higher purchase rate. Products coupled with video have seen an increased conversion rate between 109% to 160%. And 90% of consumers say a product video is helpful in their decision-making process.

If you’re rolling out a new product and an email marketing campaign to go along with it, highly consider including a product video in your e-mail to increase traffic.

2. Make Special Event E-mails Pop

Not all video has to be complicated, and just a little touch of something extra can make all the difference to a reader.

If you’re sending birthday e-mails to your subscribers, or notifying them of a special offer, adding a little video flair to your e-mail can make the occasion pop out in their mind. Twitter, for example, sends users a video of an illustrated cake on their anniversary with the service. The light on the cake flickers and sparkles on a short loop.

This is a simple detail but can help make your e-mails stand out to your readers.

3. Share Customer Testimonials

Another great conversion tactic in many e-mail marketing campaigns is the use of customer testimonials.

Consumers love to hear positive words from people like them and these can work especially well in onboarding emails or near the end of a sales cycle. If you’re using an automated e-mail marketing tool for your campaign, these videos are easy to produce and distribute.

4. Drive People To Pre-Existing Video

There’s been a huge video explosion on social media the past few years. If you’re staying competitive in the marketplace, it’s likely that you’re using video as one of the main outreach tools on your social media accounts.

Why not use e-mail to help increase views and interactions with your amazing content? Embed a Facebook video in your e-mail, or link to it with a GIF, and watch view counts rise.

5. Clear and Easy Customer Service

Some companies are using video in their emails as a corrective means of customer service. The problems that consumers face can sometimes be complicated to explain away, and a lack of clarity can leave them feeling even more frustrated.

A visual resource such as a video can increase clarity and help consumers solve their problems much faster than any other medium. It saves your customer service team lots of writing and helps the consumer fast.

Email Marketing With Video Content

Video can be a gamechanger for any email marketing campaign hoping to make high conversions. The web is becoming increasingly focused on video, and a good video-supported campaign can make you stand out in the eyes of consumers.

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