Blockchain Job Openings with Tron Network (TRX)

Looking to break into the blockchain/cryptocurrency marketplace with a new employment opportunity? Tron Network (TRX), recently launched the English version of their website and have a few intriguing positions open for qualified candidates. Here are the details on the current openings from Tron (TRX) (check the Tron website for update postings going forward):

Tron Network (TRX) Career Opportunities

Technology experts in blockchain

  1. Familiar with C/C++, Java or Go, and at least one scripting language.
  2. Know the source code of Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitShares or IOTA projects and have a unique understanding and good coding habits.
  3. 985/211 postgraduates,At least 3-year work experience.

Director of Overseas Markets

  1.  To be responsible for public relations and cooperation with all kinds of media.
  2. At least five years of experiences working with media, public relations or brand planning.
  3. Job in English. Graduate degree or above, major in Chinese, media, communications and marketing.

Director of Overseas BD

  1. At least five years of overseas business development experience.
  2. Ability to identify cooperation resources according to the business development and strategy of the company.
  3. Participate in and be responsible for the expansion, negotiation, and promotion of the company’s cooperation scheme.
  4. Complete business negotiations independently and develop cooperation programmers. Bachelor degree or above with major in marketing. Overseas study experience.