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How to Build Your Own Machine for Automated Email Marketing
machine for automated email marketing

How to Build Your Own Machine for Automated Email Marketing

Email marketing is tricky nowadays. Five years ago, you could send an email with someone’s name in the subject and expect it to get opened.

Now, however, people are so used to getting hundreds of sale emails that they won’t look twice. Marketers have to work twice as hard to get half the attention they used to.

To combat this, smart digital marketers create a machine for automated email marketing. This series of emails set you apart from your competitors. Get a glimpse into that system below.

Step One: Educate

Before someone makes a purchase from you, it helps for them to know who you are. It’s like if you know Sally down the street sells Tupperware, you’ll go to her with your questions before buying.

People understand and enjoy engaging with other people. So you have to make your business into a character they can relate to and interact with.

Step Two: Engage

What would a marketer have to do to get you to click on something? To even open an email? That’s what this stage is about.

You have to find out what gets your customer moving, what makes them click. This will take a few tries or even more than that. You have to keep trying.

Once you find what works, you won’t think twice about the time it took to get there.

Step Three: Feedback

Once you’ve got someone to buy your product, your job isn’t over. You want to thank them by treating them like you kiss the ground they walk on.

If they bought some sort of online course from you, message them with an extra ebook or pdf to thank them for their purchase.

This is where you build returning customers. Give them the content they expect and a little more.

Step Four: Re-Engage

Once someone purchases something from you, give them a week or two to enjoy their product. Send them tips on how to use it best, but leave the marketing out of it.

Once two weeks or so pass by, you can start to re-market them with a product you think they’d like or those that follow up to their previous purchase.

Give them a small discount, saying something like “to thank you for being a loyal customer”.

Step Five: Repeat

Once someone has bought two products, they become a magnet for new customers. Offer them an incentive if someone signs up for your email list with their link.

They are giving you sales and you need to make them feel special. Do whatever it takes to make them happy!

Your Machine for Automated Email Marketing

Now that you have the steps to create your own machine for automated email marketing, make sure you have multiple points of entry on your site. You want it to be easy for customers to sign up, no matter where they are on your page.

Speaking of free content and delivering to customers, we have three free offerings on our page. Check them out and let us know what you think!

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