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The Ever-Evolving Future of Ecommerce Marketing

With digital technology constantly evolving, trends in ecommerce marketing change right along with it.

As an ecommerce business owner, you have to stay on your toes to keep up with the changes.

Ask yourself this:

  • Do you know the process your customers go through to make a purchase? Is there anything blocking that process?
  • If people are bouncing, is it because they?aren’t interested? Could it be a poor design issue or something else??
  • Which page with the largest number of exits?and how can you better facilitate browsing?

Customers are key. So you’ll want to use ecommerce marketing to create a smooth customer journey. That?starts with a blend of psychology and?good user experience.

We’ll take a look at the latest trends.

1. Ecommerce email marketing

It could be the?simple act of sending an email to people who abandon their carts. Or maybe it’s something more complicated like having several?campaigns that work together to exponentially?grow?sales.

Beyond the offers, coupons and promotions, the bottom line of email marketing is building relationships. Going in with this perspective will allow you to:?

  • Nurture your subscribers, leading to more long-term sales
  • create better promotions that sell more product
  • segment your database more effectively?to generate more sales

Your email marketing strategy shouldn’t involve blasting your database beyond recognition. That’s?going be about as effective as getting a screamer to make your sales cold calls.

Instead, try to find?a unique reason?to send a?new email. This gives you more credibility?and will increase the chances of turning prospects into customers.?

One of the absolute best ways to get noticed?through ecommerce email marketing is by placing a premium on coming up with just the right subject line.?

Here are some tips for writing your subject lines:

  • Avoid sales words or other overused words
  • Personalize it with the name of the?recipient’s city
  • Change them each time
  • Keep them short
  • Don?t rush to promote something
  • Put it in the form of a question
  • Give it urgency, but not too much

Just remember that while automated emails can be a great addition to the sales funnel, the customer journey must still be the central focus. It’s crucial to keep?the personal element.

2. Data-driven SEO strategy

Data-driven SEO is a must. If you haven’t already, you need to know how to:?

  • Create?a customer-focused website structure and information architecture.
  • Solve problems early in the process.
  • Base your content creation upon search data.
  • Follow SEO best practices.
  • Use search and analytics data to guide your SEO strategy.

Once you’ve?implemented all these principles though, you’re not done. Even if you’re seeing improvement in website traffic.

This is an ongoing process. Especially in searching and analyzing data.

Steadily?reviewing your search and analytics data to inform your SEO strategy?is beneficial in many ways:

  • You can quickly determine whether the search terms you picked appeal to your audience and draw?them to your site.
  • You?can see which?search terms are more effective at bringing in buyers, while coming upon?new ones for whom you can optimize your site.
  • You can pick up?whether your website content answers customer queries and problems effectively.?
  • You can tell if your content and website architecture are working in tandem to?guide visitors to?make purchases.
  • You can discover?problem areas early and then?take pre-emptive?action to correct them before you lose sales.

When you’re able to make an?analysis of your business performance using these key metrics, it’s much easier to keep making necessary?tweaks to your SEO strategy to boost your rankings, traffic and sales.

3. User-generated content

Much like ecommerce email marketing, user-generated content is all about the customers. And it makes customers feel that they’re included in your business. It’s a powerful aspect of e-commerce marketing.

With?social media, it’s become so simple to create?interesting content. Your e-commerce business can gain?more leverage by using?content created by your customers.??

Encourage your customers to post their own content about your business on their social networks with the idea of rewarding them. This is a great way to obtain content in the early stages while also producing great results.

It’s also a great way for customers to build a lasting relationship with your business and its products/services.

4. Video?

Video is not a lost art. Far from it.

Videos have the?ability?to increase conversions because they help people understand your product with more clarity. Plus,?they provide your customers with a?huge amount of comprehensive?information about the products you offer, in a short amount of time.

Above and beyond that, there are other reasons to use video in your ecommerce marketing. It’s totally shareable, clickable, captivating and, perhaps best of all,?Google loves it.?

5. Wallet payments

With people almost constantly on the go, there has been an increased need for faster payments among ecommerce sites.

The use of wallet payments really starting picking up?speed in 2016?as users started exploring?the many benefits of fast payments.

Of course, there are still those who are wary of this new technology. But?that’s likely to always be the case. In the meantime, now is the ideal?time for your?ecommerce business to consider alternative and digital methods of payment.

6. Augmented and virtual reality is the future of ecommerce marketing

Many existing marketing efforts include augmented and virtual reality. And as the?technology advances in this area, there will certainly continue to be more creative uses for them.?

So what does this have to do with ecommerce?marketing strategies for your business?

Well, there are always ways that?marketing engagement can be enhanced with new technologies.?And the total number of active virtual reality users is expected to skyrocket in?2018 so this is a great time to get in on the ground floor.?

Final Word

So there you have it. The ever-changing nature of ecommerce marketing can work to your advantage if you stay current with the trends. The payoff is well worth it.

If you’ve found other?ecommerce marketing trends that are making a difference for you, please feel free to share?with us in the comments section below!



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