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What Is Grey Hat SEO Techniques and Do They Really Work?
grey hat SEO techniques

What Is Grey Hat SEO Techniques and Do They Really Work?

A lot of popular SEO techniques fall into the category of ‘Grey Hat SEO.’

You may have heard this expression before, but you might not know much about the world of Grey Hat SEO. Thankfully, Grey Hat SEO isn’t that complicated.

In fact, keep reading, and you’ll learn what Grey Hat SEO is, the techniques that are involved and whether this approach actually works.

Let’s begin!

What is Grey Hat SEO?

The SEO community generally divides itself into three camps. These camps are divided, based on how much people are willing to go against the webmaster guidelines provided by Google.

White Hat SEO relates to people who try to avoid doing anything Google would frown upon when trying to rank their website.

Black Hat SEO relates to doing people who do whatever it takes to rank a site, no matter how much it infringes upon webmaster guidelines.

Grey Hat SEO, is the middle ground. People in this camp tend to do as much as they can to stay on the good side of Google. But they might also try to implement tactics that might be considered Black Hat.

For instance, they’ll have a ton of high-quality content on their site, but they’ll spend money on buying links. This is Grey Hat because buying links is against the guidelines.

Does Grey Hat SEO work?

So the real question is whether Grey Hat SEO works.

The answer? It depends on who is implementing the strategy.

If you are going to have success with Grey Hat SEO, you need to know how to buy links in a way that isn’t going to raise a red flag with Google. You also need to know the rate at which you should buy these links and where they need to come from.

If you don’t pay much attention to those factors, your website will be flagged and you will lose your rankings. You will then need to ‘disavow’ all the links you have spent money on and start your SEO campaign all over again.

But, if you know what you’re doing Grey Hat SEO can work extremely well. Sure, it still takes time to achieve your rankings, but there is a bit more of a chance you will actually experience an increase in rankings.

Though it’s worth mentioning Grey Hat SEO speeds things up, because you are less reliant on methods like manual outreach, which take a lot of time.

Grey Hat Genius?

Grey Hat SEO is one of the most popular forms of SEO out there. But if you want to succeed with Grey Hat SEO, you need to know what you’re doing.

If you have a sloppy approach, Google will pick up on your activity. They will then deindex your website and you will have to disavow all the links you’ve paid money for. For this reason, White Hat SEO is often a good approach.

But if you’re hell-bent on succeeding with Grey Hat SEO think about hiring someone to help you. Yes, there’s still a risk.?

But someone that knows what they’re doing will be able to get you results, without putting your existing rankings into too much jeopardy.

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