Why Should Your Small Business Care About Email Automation?

email automation

Every small business hopes to one day be a big business. But what if you could make that growth start happening automatically?

It may sound too good to be true, but email automation is the best way to easily and organically grow your business.

Keep reading to discover all the ways that email automation can boost your business!

1. Increased Website Traffic

Your website is one of the most important tools your business has. However, it’s not really an effective tool if you don’t have enough web traffic!

Email automation tools can change all of that. Automated campaigns can direct your most interested clients to the sections of your site that will benefit them the most.

Best of all, this has a trickle-down effect on your SEO. The more visitors your site gets, the higher you can climb in Google Search results, further boosting your traffic!

2. Build Relationships

Ever wonder why word of mouth marketing is so effective? It’s because people trust those they already have a relationship with.

With email automation, you can cut out the middleman and establish that relationship directly with the customer. This is because you’re not sending them just anything: instead, you are sending high-quality content that is relevant to their needs.

This builds your credibility with the customers, which is a great way to boost both loyalty and sales. And pretty soon, you’ll be the subject of your own word of mouth advertising as your satisfied customers tell the world about your company!

3. Better Reach

There is an old business saying that your business has to go where your customers are. However, in an increasingly mobile world, it can be tough for a business to truly go everywhere that its customers go.

Email automation tools can change all of that. Most people already open their e-mail on their smartphones, and an increasing number of website traffic comes from phones. Email automation makes it likelier they will read your marketing and then makes it easier for them to visit your website!

With the right mobile email templates, you can create advertising campaigns that customers can check out from all over the world.

4. Improved Sales

Of course, all of these other benefits have been leading up to the big one. Why embrace email automation? Better sales, of course!

Customers opt-in to receive regular updates from you, so this already helps qualify potential leads. And email automation works well with existing CRM software, allowing you to fine-tune which marketing approaches work for different segments of your customers.

Finally, e-mail updates can create a sense of urgency and demand. Customers finding out about a limited time deal are much likelier to go ahead and order the products they want.

Email Automation: The Bottom Line

Now you’ve learned all about the benefits of email automation. But do you know the next steps to using automation?

At Kurnol, we are all about helping you expand your business to new heights. To see how we can further help with email automation, come check out our five best email marketing automation tools today!